Q Cells Panels


  • Q.MAXX 320-335
  • Enduring High Performance
  • Rooftop arrays on residential buildings
  • Rooftop arrays on commercial/industrial buildings

For QCells Solar Panels installation instructions must be followed. See the installation and operating manual or contact our technical service department for further information on the approved installation and use of this product.

Key Features
  • Qantu Technology: Low Levelised Cost of Electricity
  • Innovative All-Weather Technology
  • Enduring High Performance
  • Extreme Weather Rating
  • A Reliable Investment
  • State of the Art Module Technology
High Lights of Jinko Solar
  • Format: 1685mm × 1000mm × 32mm (including frame)
  • Weight: 18.7kg
  • Front Cover: 3.2mm thermally pre-stressed glass with anti-reflection technology
  • Cover: Composite film
  • Frame: Black anodized aluminum
  • Cell: 6 × 20 monocrystalline Q.ANTUM solar half cells
  • JunctionBox: 53-101mm × 32-60mm × 15-18mm Protection class IP67, with bypass diodes
  • Cable: 4mm² Solar cable; (+) ≥1100mm, (−) ≥1100mm
  • Connector: Stäubli MC4; IP68

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