AlphaESS is a well-known manufacturer of energy storage systems, including batteries, inverters, and energy management solutions.

AlphaESS selects a global TIER 1 cell manufacturer to provide high-quality and reliable batteries. The company was founded in 2012 and have just moved their headquarters to Suzhou, China. 

Alpha Batteries provides an all-in-one solution which includes a hybrid inverter, a battery management system, and a storage unit in which ‘modules’ of battery capacity can be added. The battery modules are purchased separately but fit into one aesthetically attractive unit. Alpha batteries are capable of providing green power to a home or a business during a black out. Importantly the technology is built in so there are no additional costs or extra components required.

Alpha batteries are the top batteries in the list of CEC (Clean Energy Council). 


AlphaESS offers a range of battery storage solutions for different applications in the Australian market. Here are some of the main types of AlphaESS batteries commonly used in Australia:

AlphaESS Smile Series: The Smile Series is designed for residential energy storage. It includes models like the Smile5 and Smile10, which are compact and scalable battery systems suitable for homes. These batteries can be easily integrated with solar panels and inverters to maximize self-consumption and provide backup power during outages.

AlphaESS Smile-B3: The Smile-B3 is a hybrid battery system that combines energy storage with an integrated hybrid inverter. This all-in-one solution is suitable for residential and small commercial installations, providing efficient energy management and backup power capabilities.

AlphaESS Smile-T10: The Smile-T10 is a high-capacity battery system designed for larger residential and commercial applications. It offers higher energy storage capacity and is suitable for users with higher energy consumption requirements.

AlphaESS Storion Series: The Storion Series consists of larger-scale battery systems suitable for commercial and industrial applications. These systems offer higher capacity and are designed for advanced energy management and grid support functions.

High Lights of AlphaESS

AlphaESS is a renowned manufacturer of energy storage systems, including batteries, inverters, and energy management solutions. Here are some highlights of AlphaESS battery systems in Australia:

Lithium-ion Battery Technology: AlphaESS utilizes advanced lithium-ion battery technology in their energy storage systems. Lithium-ion batteries offer high energy density, long cycle life, and efficient charge and discharge capabilities, making them ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Scalability and Modularity: AlphaESS battery systems are designed to be scalable and modular, allowing for flexible expansion based on changing energy needs. Users can start with a smaller capacity and easily add more battery modules as required, providing a customizable solution that grows with their energy demands.

Intelligent Energy Management: AlphaESS integrates intelligent energy management features into their battery systems. This includes sophisticated software algorithms that optimize energy flows, prioritize self-consumption of solar power, and support time-of-use energy management. Intelligent energy management maximizes the efficiency of energy utilization and helps users save on energy costs.

High Efficiency and Performance: AlphaESS batteries are designed for high efficiency and reliable performance. They are engineered to maximize the utilization of stored energy and deliver high power output when needed. This ensures efficient use of energy and helps users reduce their reliance on the grid, leading to potential cost savings.

Backup Power Functionality: AlphaESS battery systems typically offer backup power functionality, allowing users to have a reliable power source during grid outages. The batteries can provide backup power to critical loads, ensuring continuity of essential appliances or systems when the grid is down.

Remote Monitoring and Control: AlphaESS provides user-friendly remote monitoring and control capabilities for their battery systems. Users can access real-time data on energy storage performance, monitor energy usage, and adjust system settings remotely. This allows for easy management and optimization of the battery system’s operation.

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