What Size PV Solar System Should You Install?

Are you someone who is thinking to install the PV

solar system on their home but not sure what size fits your needs? If yes, then this article is for you. In this article, we will try to help you in choosing the best solar system in terms of size or Kw.

Choose System Size Based on Your Family Size

In order to make it easy for you to choose the perfect solar size, you can take your decision based on your family size. The higher the number of family members, the higher will be the system size requirement.

If you have 2 to 4 people in your family then generally the system of 5 KW is sufficient.
If you have 4 to 6 people in your family then you can go for a little higher size of 6.6 KW.
If you have a large number of people like for e.g.between 6 to 10 then you will need a large system of 10 KW.

Choose System Size Based on Your Electricity Use

Apart from family members, your requirement for solar system size can vary depending on the quantity of electricity consumed by you and your family members. If you have a heavy consumption of electricity then you will need a large solar system, otherwise, you can go for a small size of the solar system for your home. Your electricity bill shows your household’s electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours and your average daily electricity consumption. From this, you can calculate the average amount of electricity your new solar PV system needs to produce to cover your electricity needs

Choose System Size Based on Space Availability

Sometimes it may happen that you require a larger size of the solar system but due to no sufficient space on your roof, you cannot install the big solar system. In such a case you need to go for the system which can best fit your needs. You can even place the panels at different locations rather than putting them together to utilise the maximum space possible.

Choose System Size Based on Usage Time

If you are out during the day and only run energy-intensive appliances at night, then maybe solar is not for you – unless perhaps you also install a storage solution. If on the other hand, you are at home with the children and grandparents during the day, then a PV solar system can certainly make sense


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