Unlocking Solar Potential: The Complete Guide to Victoria’s Solar Homes Program

If you’re a homeowner in Victoria looking to capitalize on solar energy, the Victoria’s Solar Homes Program is tailor-made for you. Through this initiative, you can not only lower your carbon footprint but also save significantly on energy expenses.

Here’s a deep dive into the program, its benefits, and how you can avail them:

Shine Bright with Solar Rebates: Save up to $1,400!

The Solar Homes Program stands out for its attractive rebate of up to $1,400 for qualifying Victorians. This opportunity is open to:

  • Homeowners residing in their properties.
  • Those constructing new homes that plan to have a solar PV system.
  • Rental property owners.
  • Those who’ve availed the rebate in the past but have now moved to a new residence.

Key Eligibility Points: Check Before Diving In
To be eligible, ensure you meet the following:

  • All property owners combined earn below $210,000 annually.
  • The property’s estimated value is below $3 million, or for those under construction, the predicted value is under this mark.
  • The property hasn’t benefited from the Solar Homes Program’s rebate before.
  • No solar PV system installation on the property in the last decade. (For those interested, look into the Premium Feed-in Tariff scheme.)

Steps to Power Up with Solar:

  • Collaborate with a certified solar provider, like Pro Solar Global , to get a quote for a solar PV system. Remember to pick products from the endorsed list.
  • We’ll submit the quote to Solar Victoria, after which you’ll get an email containing a quote number to initiate your application.
  • Keep ready your income proof and Council Rates Notice. For properties under construction, ownership evidence like a Certificate of Title will suffice.
  • Post eligibility verification, follow the application link sent by the Victorian government to your email. Post-installation, settle the balance with your retailer.

Moved Homes? Reapply for Rebates!

Relocated since your last rebate? You can apply for added incentives for your new residence, like a solar PV rebate or battery loan. Ensure you fulfill the criteria and the new house is your primary residence.

Building a New Home? Here’s Your Solar Guide:

  • Share your solar plans with your builder early on.
  • Get the builder’s nod for integrating solar during construction.
  • Liaise with the builder on the best time and manner for solar installations.
  • Consult Solar Victoria’s Solar Panel PV Buyers Guide and liaise with us to make the best product choices.
  • Furnish ownership documents such as a Council Rates Notice or Certificate of Title.
    More Solar Lures from Victoria!

The Solar Homes Program extends beyond just solar panel rebates. Qualified households in Victoria can also avail interest-free solar battery loans, maximizing energy savings.

Do note, a home under construction won’t qualify for other perks under the program. Once built, you may qualify for more benefits.

Eager to make a solar-powered switch? Victoria’s Solar Homes Program is your guiding light. Delve into your options, discover the right solar solutions, and embark on an eco-friendly, cost-saving journey. For more insights, reach out to us.


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